Strange Symptoms After You Eat Could Be A Food Allergy


You frequently get a headache after you eat. Your eyes may itch and your nose runs like you have a cold. When these symptoms occur soon after you eat, you may have a food allergy. Like an allergy to dust and pollen, there is no cure for this type of allergy. But your ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor can isolate the foods that give you a problem so you can change your eating habits and get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms.

20 October 2015

Tips For Getting Kids To Wear Hearing Aids


Kids don't always want to wear hearing aids, especially when they first get them and aren't used to them yet. Not wearing these assisted listening devices can make it so the child's problems increase, as they may fall further behind in language and other developmental skills. There are a few steps you can take to help get your child to wear these devices: Let Them Choose Just like kids sometimes like to choose their own clothes and may be more likely to eat their food if they help choose and prepare it, letting kids pick their own hearing aids and accessories can make them more likely to wear them.

6 August 2015