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Why Immunotherapy Is a Good Treatment Option for Chronic Allergies


If you have suffered from chronic allergies for several years and are tired of taking medications for them, you may want to consider using immunotherapy. This is a type of treatment that can help drastically for allergy sufferers, and it often begins with some tests that will help determine what you are allergic to. Here are three things to know about immunotherapy.

What is it?

Immunotherapy is a form of treatment for allergies that involves getting shots. The shots are usually administered twice each week for several months, depending on how bad your allergies are. After that, they may be given to you on a weekly basis. Once your body responds well to those, you may only need to have the shots once a month.

Immunotherapy is similar to getting vaccinations against diseases. Small amounts of allergens are placed in your body as a way of encouraging your body's immune system to develop a resistance to these things.

What tests are used to determine allergens?

Doctors often use skin tests to determine what a person is allergic to. This typically involves placing a small amount of various types of allergens on the skin to see how the person's skin will react. If the person is allergic to the allergens, his or her skin will be red and possibly swollen. If there is no reaction to the allergens placed on the skin, then the person is not allergic to those things.

How can the information from the tests help?

Skin testing is an important step in immunotherapy and in finding other ways to control the allergy symptoms. After the testing is complete, an allergy specialist will know exactly what type of immunotherapy to use to treat the person. The immunotherapy will be based specifically on the things the person is allergic too.

In addition, skin testing can help you find ways to control your allergies. If you know exactly what you are allergic to, you may be able to control your environment enough to help the symptoms naturally go away. For example, if you find out you are allergic to pet dander, getting rid of your cats might instantly provide relief. If you find out you are allergic to mold, you may find relief by eliminating the mold that is in your home.

Living with chronic allergies is not pleasant. It can leave you feeling miserable, tired, and irritable, but there are ways to treat the problem. To learn more about immunotherapy, contact an ENT specialist in your area today.


26 September 2016