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After I started exercising each and every day, I knew that I had to do something to work on my balance. I was falling over constantly, and it was really embarrassing. I talked to my family doctor about it, and he told me that working with an ENT specialist might be really helpful. When I went to the doctor, he started by going through and evaluating my balance, and it was really interesting to get feedback from someone that understood what I had been coping with. I was able to completely overhaul my balance, and it made a big difference. This blog is all about enjoying a healthier lifestyle by working with the right specialists.

Tips For Getting Kids To Wear Hearing Aids


Kids don't always want to wear hearing aids, especially when they first get them and aren't used to them yet. Not wearing these assisted listening devices can make it so the child's problems increase, as they may fall further behind in language and other developmental skills. There are a few steps you can take to help get your child to wear these devices:

Let Them Choose

Just like kids sometimes like to choose their own clothes and may be more likely to eat their food if they help choose and prepare it, letting kids pick their own hearing aids and accessories can make them more likely to wear them. You might think a skin-colored one is best, but kids may prefer one that is their favorite color, covered in glitter or covered in their choice of special stickers. The hearing aid is going to be pretty obvious no matter what, so let them choose one that suits their own individual style.

Give Them Something to Listen To

Especially with very young children, it can help to constantly talk to your child or have music or something else for them to listen to. That way, they'll be more likely to leave the hearing aids in so they can hear what is going on. If it's quiet, there isn't as much benefit, so the child is more likely to take it out. Likewise, if you give them something to keep their hands busy, young children will be less likely to play with or remove their hearing aids due to boredom.

Consider Goals and Rewards

Try gradually increasing the amount of time a child is expected to wear the hearing aid until they work their way up to wearing it from when they get up until they go to bed. Each time they reach a new goal for wearing the hearing aid longer, it can give them a feeling of accomplishment, and perhaps you can give them a small reward.

Try Accessories

For small children, there's always a risk they'll take out expensive hearing aids and then lose them. There are a number of products you can use, including ear gear, or you can try a more low-tech way of keeping them on by putting a knit cap or headband over the hearing aids. You may also want to attach them to the child's clothing with mitten clips or something similar so if they do come out, they don't go on the ground and get lost.


6 August 2015